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Fundraising Survey Results

Linked here are the complete results and responses of the fundraising survey from last year: 2011-2012FundraiserSurveyResultsWriteUp. We want to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey and provide us with feedback. Some parents posed questions to the PTO through the survey and we expect that many parents would be interested in the responses. A summary of these responses are below while all detailed queries and responses are included in the full results document.

Cash Cow (renamed Lottery for Learning in 2012-2013)

  • The 2011-2012 Cash Cow Lottery replaced the previous years’ Fall Fundraisers (Cristoline Company Fall catalog, Pies & Crumb cakes fundraiser, and Little Caesar’s Pizza Making Kits).
  • Coolidge students from every grade volunteered to pull winning tickets for each monthly drawing. This was done in the front hall of Coolidge School in front of the Fall Fundraising Chairperson at minimum and tickets were all recorded on-site for immediate disclosure with school administrative staff.
  • All cash cow winners were contacted directly by phone, and all monthly winners were published in the PTO Newsflash. A full list of all 90 winners was additionally listed in the district wide Shrewsbury public community bulletin.
  • The monthly payout of the 2011-2012 Cash Cow Lottery was established based upon other successful school lottery fundraisers that validate higher ticket costs with higher prize amounts in order to sell the maximum number of tickets. Once established and advertised, the payout cannot be legally changed.
  • The price of the 2011-2012 ticket could not be reduced as prize money must be established prior to sales according to the law. A single ticket was used for each of the monthly lottery drawings, so even if a ticket won, it went back into the lottery.

Field Trips

  • Some families have asked why there aren’t any field trips for grades (K–2). Due to the high cost of buses and extended travel time, grades 1 and 2 have chosen to have more and varied in-school experiences to enrich their curriculum. The following learning experiences were funded by the PTO:
    • Grade 1 activities include:
      • Representatives from the Audubon Society came to the school to work with first graders as they linked science units to the natural habitat of Jordan Pond
      • Visiting author April Jones Prince shared how “real live authors” plan their stories using her book Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing
      • Sal Farba Sarr from SHARC/G-Fit 180 led the first graders in an exercise experience of African dance, highlighting the importance of physical fitness as well as awareness of Africa, a link to both Phys. Ed. and social studies curriculum
      • Barbara, a local beekeeper, visited first grade as a direct tie-in to the science curriculum and the interconnectedness of bees and trees and flowering plants
      • An actor from Historical Perspectives performed as Harriet Tubman in celebration of Black History Month and linking traits of famous Americans
    • Grade 2 activities include:
      • Wingmasters visited the second grade as a direct tie to nocturnal animals and animal adaptations
      • Visiting author April Jones Prince shared how authors compose biographies using her book Jackie Robinson
      • Acton Discovery Museum visited second grade focusing on properties of matter
      • An actor from Historical Perspectives performed as Harriet Tubman in celebration of Black History Month and linking qualities of good citizens and leaders
      • PTO and the enrichment committee can always use assistance in finding and arranging enrichment programs for all grade levels. Please attend a PTO meeting or contact PTO at

Fundraising Participation and Direct Donation

  • Please note that PTO does not expect everyone to participate in all the fundraisers because that would be very difficult for many families. PTO tries to offer a variety of fundraisers so that the Coolidge community has several choices.
  • Families are always welcome to provide a donation directly to the school through PTO by cash donation or check.
  • The actual amount of funds needed each year can vary, and PTO attempts to provide a variety of fundraiser programs and events that will appeal to all in order to raise those funds. Historically, Shrewsbury public schools have requested straight donations in lieu of typical fundraising, but in general, they have failed resulting in extremely low amounts of money raised.
  • The full budget is discussed at each monthly PTO meeting with a complete breakdown of all projects and funding amounts; PTO always encourages more people to attend to gain a full understanding of the programming; however, one is always welcome to directly contact PTO with specific or general questions.
  • PTO does understand that a lot of information is sent home through emails, pamphlets, flyers etc…as many PTO volunteers are in the same position with full time jobs and more than one child in school. Due to the varying needs of the Coolidge community when it comes to notification, PTO attempts to cover all bases since some prefer digital or email notification, while others prefer paper copies. Recognizing that every family has different needs, PTO does its best to accommodate as many as possible.
  • PTO has discussed the need to keep fundraising and events spread evenly throughout the school year and attempts to ensure this happens. However, the timing of some events is dictated by the event or deadline and cannot be helped. PTO will contineu to work toward ensuring programs are as evenly spaced as possible.

Fundraising Events & Ideas

  • Through the survey we received suggestions for a toy sale event, talent show, and additional restaurant nights. If anyone is interested in assisting or organizing any programs or events, please contact the volunteer coordinator, Melissa Pratt, at

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