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PTO meeting tomorrow with School Committee

Two school committee representatives, Erin Canzano and Jason Palitsch, will be joining us on Wednesday evening at 7PM in our Media Center to discuss the current school budget situation. Please consider attending!  I know with class sizes rising in town (30 kids in our 4th grade classrooms for example) that there are a lot of questions that parents would like to have answered. Our representatives are anxious to speak to the Coolidge Community and to get our thoughts.  Bring your questions, creative ideas and an open mind to the meeting. All our welcome! There are no stupid questions! The first step in improving our current situation is to get involved and understand why these cutbacks are occurring.

Please join us on October 17th at 7PM in the Media Center at Coolidge. This is our regular PTO Meeting, but the representatives are the first item on our agenda.

–Lauren Schmautz, PTO President


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