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District challenges

At the town meeting on October 24th, both the School Committee and Superintendent Sawyer presented reports on the state of our district. We learned that…

  • Preschool-12 enrollment is at an all time high, with an increase of about 700 students in the past 10 years. However, the number of positions in the district has been decreasing.
  • 100% of the classrooms in grades 4-8 are above the School Committee guidelines for class size (29 average per class instead of the recommended 24).
  • 43% of High School classes have 27 or more students. The recommendation is 20 students per class and 27 or more is considered overenrolled. 70% of High School science labs don’t meet the national safety standards as a result of class size.
  • The funds for professional development and curriculum resources is extremely limited.
  • $1 million is already collected from parents in fees (busing, athletic, etc).

The most informative piece of the evening was when teachers, parents, and principals spoke about the ways that class sizes and staff reductions have negatively impacted our students in just the first 9 weeks. It is difficult to summarize all of their powerful stories but the video of the meeting is available to view here
October 24th School Committee Meeting.

As Dr. Sawyer recently stated in an email “As parents and community members, your voices are a crucial part of this process. I hope that many of you take advantage of this opportunity to influence the dialogue about the future of our schools.”

If you are moved to voice your thoughts to the town, the committees can be reached at the following email addresses.
selectmen @
financecommittee @
schoolcommittee @

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