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Making Tracks for Technology: Company matching

Tracks for Technology

There have been some questions about company matching. Please check with the companies on their specific requirements for matching. I have found that some companies are actually not matching for Elementary level schools.

If your company does match, there is a form that you will have to fill out, and in most cases, have that form either signed or stamped by a school representative (Mrs. Stacey) and then returned to that company for approval. Please include a COPY of that form, as well as a copy of their requirements for matching (if possible) with your donation form and money collected when you turn it in next week, so that we have a way to accurately total up ALL donations, including that match. This will help us tally the totals more accurately, so that the prizes can then be awarded appropriately.

We hope that this helps with any questions that may have come up. Thank you again for all of your support!


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