Calvin Coolidge School PTO

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Collection programs

What an amazing year we have had!

Thanks to you, Coolidge was able to use our Coke Rewards to get pencils and Dry Erase Cleaner.

We used our Labels for Education to get an equipment cart, mesh ball nets, kids game pack, and playground balls.

By registering our STOP & Shop cards, we earned $1059.

By registering our Price Chopper cards, we were able to use those points to get markers, glue, pencil sharpener, a recess pack of tape, and dry erasers.

We received checks totaling $1819.60 (that’s 18,196 pieces of cardboard/plastic) from collecting BOXTOPS which helped fund activities throughout the school. That is more than what Floral Street School AND Paton School combined collected! THANK YOU!

*Please continue to save your Coke Rewards, Labels for Education, Boxtops, AND ink cartridges throughout the summer and send them in to school in September. Every little bit helps!

Do your kids need a project? You can download and print your own BOXTOP collection sheets!


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