Calvin Coolidge School PTO

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We need your help!

Catalog Fundraisers Looking for Help: The PTO sponsors catalog fundraisers in the Fall and the Spring which earn a significant amount of the PTO’s funds. These critical fundraisers are an important component of our support for students’ enrichment programs. The current chairs want to share their knowledge on running these programs with new volunteers so these successful fundraisers can continue after their families leave Coolidge. Most of the work can be completed at home at a time that works for you. The fundraiser can be run by more than one person if you want to work with a friend or make a new one. You can learn how to run a fundraiser from someone who’s done it before and lead the way with confidence the following year. We look forward to working with you!

The Coolidge PTO Board has open positions next year. We need your help! If you can spare a few hours of your time you are the perfect candidate for a board position. You are qualified to help. You are the person we are looking for!

Secretary: The Secretary takes notes at each PTO meeting and then hands them out at the following one. The Secretary also collects the announcements written by the chairs and assembles them for the weekly Newsflash email. These announcements are also copied to this blog ( and Facebook group ( Accomplishing this isn’t much more complicated than pasting the information in a box and clicking the “post” button. You could handle this!

Treasurer: The Treasurer keeps a careful record of all of our funds: what expenses have been approved, what money has been collected, and invoices that have been paid. A summary of this information is shared by the Treasurer at each PTO meeting. The PTO’s bank is open weekdays until 7pm as well as Saturday mornings. It isn’t necessary to hand endorse all of the checks from our fundraisers nor itemize deposit slips. The Treasurer handles the basic tax forms and reviews our bank statements. We have lots of information explaining how to handle each piece. This is something that you can do!

Each position can also be shared. Let us know if you will consider being our Co-Treasurer or Co-Secretary. If you would prefer to be considered for President or Vice-President, we’d like to know that too. Elections will be held at our PTO Meeting on April 8th at 7pm in the Media Center.



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