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Next Year’s School Budget

The School Committee presented their revised budget to the Finance Committee on April 3rd: video link.

The School Committee held its annual hearing and vote on school choice for next year at its March 26th School Committee Meeting: video link. Dr. Sawyer is not recommending school choice next year, based on resource restrictions.

Watch the March 18th Board of Selectmen Public Hearing: video link

Dr. Sawyer presented this revised budget to the School Committee on March 19th: video link
To read his budget, see the revised school district budget.
Dr. Sawyer also revised his Full Day Kindergarten recommendation, thus saving the School Department almost $148,000. See the revised full day kindergarten recommendation. The revised budget is $1million less than originally proposed in January due in part to further deferral of investments in technology and adjustments in special education personnel.

Why do we need a 13% increase in our school budget?
For a quick snapshot, please see the March 19th budget tables summary.
For more details, see the March 19th budget tables
* increased funding to bring back teachers,
* investments in technology and curriculum materials, and
* address special education and mental and behavioral health needs
Read Dr. Sawyer’s budget message or watch the meeting at: video link.

The Town Budget only recommends an increase of $793,000 which would only cover a small part of the school committee’s requests ($6.8million). The Town Manager released his budget with the statement “The budget I file today is insufficient to meet the needs of this community and is based on very optimistic assumptions I have made relative to revenue and charges”. See his full budget.

Did you know Shrewsbury Public Schools enrollment has increased by nearly 175 students since Fiscal Year 2010, while the number of Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees has increased by only four? However, classrooms are overcrowded because there are 18.4 fewer classroom teacher FTEs in FY 2014 compared to FY 2010. The increase in overall FTE positions from FY 2013 to FY 2014 largely consists of instructional aide and other paraprofessional positions. Read more details here.

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