Calvin Coolidge School PTO

Respect for Learning, Respect for All

Reading Incentive

It has been so exciting every week seeing all the reading sheets get turned in for the students to get closer to getting a medal at the
ceremony in May.  We will be running the program through the end of April so there is still time for your child(ren) to get in their 10 sheets.
All who turn in sheets are entered into our monthy drawing for a $5 gift card and bookmark from Barnes & Noble.  Our latest winner for
the month of March was Samantha Johnson, a kindergartener in Mrs. McInerney’s class.  Congratulations Samantha!!
Remember all reading, in school and at home can be entered on your reading sheets, but the student needs to bring in the sheet to get
the credit.  We would love to see every student receive a medal in May.
“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.”  – Dr. Seuss
20 min. sheet
30 min. sheet

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