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Teacher Appreciation Lunch

Teachers’s Appreciation Luncheon

Each year at Coolidge we take the time to say “thank you” to all of the wonderful teachers and staff that do so much for our children every day at school. In your child’s backpack this week, you should have found a template for your child to create a thank you note or two for their favorite Coolidge staff members. In addition, we are asking for your help to provide us with beverages, paper goods, salads, appetizers and desserts.

Please be sure to deliver all items to school on the morning of the event, Wednesday, May 28th. Paper goods can be dropped off earlier and left in the main office.

Please label dishes and service items with your name on them. If items are left unlabeled, we will assume that you do not want them back.

In addition- if you are providing a homemade food item, we would love to share your recipe with the staff. So, please include 50 copies of your recipe on a 3×5 recipe card to share with our staff. Something computer generated is fine…this is not mandatory but will make for a nice added touch!

DATE: 5/28/2014 (Wed 11:00AM – 1:15PM)

Sign up for food items please log on to:

Any questions please contact Emily at


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