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Coolidge PTO supports the Override

VoteYesThe Coolidge PTO supports the Override and encourages you to Vote Yes on June 3rd.

The funding from an override is critically needed as the insufficient resources available now are leading to a deterioration of the quality of the education in the town of Shrewsbury.


The current status of the Shrewsbury school system

  • We rank 390th out of 403 school districts and charter districts in student/teacher ratio.
  • Our per-pupil expenditure is in bottom 11% of the state.
  • We are in the bottom 2% in state spending on curriculum materials/textbooks, supplies, and technology.
  • Shrewsbury dropped from being a Level 1 school district (in the top 24%) to Level 2 school district in 2013 (in top 57%).
  • Our math curriculum is out of alignment with state guidelines and we already sustained a precipitous decline in math MCAS scores in 2013.
  • Erosion of academic opportunities at the high school – more study halls and fewer choices make Shrewsbury students less competitive for college than surrounding communities.

With the funding provided by a successful override the school district can

  • Restore the following Full Time Equivalent positions:
    • 5.5 Elementary Level Classroom Teachers
    • 14 Middle Level Classroom Teachers
    • 13 High School Core Subject Teachers
    • 11.2 Special Subjects Teachers
  • Cover sufficient materials and personnel to align and support curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development, including:
    • Purchase updated mathematics curriculum materials for K-8
    • Restore 3 elementary level curriculum coordinator/instructional coach positions
    • Restore middle level curriculum coordinators
    • Prepare for new state mandated assessment systems
    • Curriculum materials for additional classrooms
    • Additional mentor stipends which is mandated for new hires

Without the funds provided by an override, the school system will instead suffer additional reductions, as outlined here: 2015 school budget update and School Committee meeting

Not only will the override support our schools, it will also fund the municipal departments’ top priorities. Our town leaders on the Board of Selectmen, School Committee and Finance Committee all recognize the need for this override and support it.

For additional information in support of the override, visit the Community Supporters for Shrewsbury at
Facebook Page:


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