Calvin Coolidge School PTO

Respect for Learning, Respect for All

Calvin Coolidge First Meeting PTO Meeting

Hello Coolidge Parents we would love you to join us for our PTO meetings. It’s a fun place to meet fellow parents and find out what’s happening at your child’s school. At each meeting, we get up-to-date reports from the Teachers’ Reports and the Principals’ Report; two appointed Teacher reps explain what is happening in the classrooms then our Principal Mrs. Amy Clouter provides us with a wide array of informative items such as how Common Core will affect classrooms as well as other important curriculum info, and MCAS etc.. We also go over the Treasures Report and the Enrichment Report, these reports explain how we plan to support the school this school year.

Calvin Coolidge First PTO Meeting is on Thursday 18th at 7pm in the Media Center


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