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Reading Incentive Program

Our Reading Incentive Program is just getting underway. Our theme this year is our Solar System. Find a great book in our Media Center that will tell you many things you may not already know about our planets. For instance, do you know which planet is nicknamed “The Red Planet”? Which of our planets is the brightest planet in the sky which can sometimes be seen with the naked eye? There is so much to learn about our solar system. Grab a good book and fill in your reading sheets.

Kindergartners and first graders will receive prizes in their classrooms for each sheet turned in. Our second, third, and fourth graders will receive a ticket for each sheet turned in which can be used at the school store. Happy reading! By the way, the Red Planet is Mars, and the brightest planet in the sky is Venus.

You can print more reading sheets by accessing the Resources area at the top of this blog.


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