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We are looking for new members to join the Coolidge PTO Board next year. If you can spare a few hours of your time you are the perfect candidate. Everyone is eligible to become a member, share a position, or shadow someone to learn more! Just email to let us know which position interests you. Elections will be held at our PTO Meeting on April 6th at 7pm in the Media Center. The board positions are…

President: The President arranges PTO Board discussions and leads the PTO general meetings. The President facilitates communication among the volunteers, helping to find answers to questions. This person also works with the Volunteer Coordinator to find volunteers to lead our fundraisers and events. The President attends monthly district meetings with the Superintendent and other PTO Presidents to share information and discuss school issues. The President also helps address questions posed by members of the community.

Vice-President: The Vice-President attends PTO Board meetings and PTO general meetings, sharing thoughts and ideas to help plan for the future and address issues that arise. The Vice-President also supports the President as needed. This is a terrific way to learn about the PTO without a huge time commitment.

Treasurer: The Treasurer keeps a careful record of all of our funds: what expenses have been approved, what money has been collected, and invoices that have been paid. A summary of this information is shared by the Treasurer at each PTO meeting. The PTO’s bank is open weekdays until 7pm as well as Saturday mornings. It isn’t necessary to hand endorse all of the checks from our fundraisers nor itemize deposit slips. The Treasurer handles the basic tax forms and reviews our bank statements. We have lots of information explaining how to handle each piece.

Secretary: The Secretary takes notes at each PTO meeting and then hands them out at the following one. The Secretary also collects the announcements written by the chairs and assembles them for the weekly Newsflash email. These announcements are also copied to our blog ( and Facebook group ( Updating the blog isn’t much more complicated than pasting the information in a box and clicking the “post” button.

Catalog Fundraisers Looking for Help: The PTO needs volunteers to coordinate the catalog fundraisers we sponsor in the fall and spring which contribute a significant amount to the PTO’s funds and enables us to support our students’ enrichment programs.


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