Calvin Coolidge School PTO

Respect for Learning, Respect for All

Reading Incentive Program

Our February drawing winner was a fourth grader in Miss Rice’s class. Michael received a $5 gift card to Barnes & Noble and a cool bookmark. Everyone who sends in their reading sheets is entered into our monthly drawings. You too could be our next months winner, so keep passing in those sheets. You can find the sheets to print at home at the bottom of our Resources page.

Remember you need 10 sheets to receive your medal at our ceremony in June, and even if you have passed in 10 sheets already, keep on reading and sending them in. Your progress is recorded on the chart in your classroom with all your classmates.

Keeping up with our Solar System theme – Do you know what planet is known as the blue planet? It is also the farthest planet from the sun, and can get as cold as -353 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrrr – That’s cold! (And we think our winters are cold!!) Well the answer is the planet Neptune. Keep on reading!


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