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Reading Incentive Program

As we enter April, the students Reading Incentive sheets are coming in at a great rate. I’m so happy to have so many great readers. Remember to let your student know that they need to get in at least 10 to be receiving their medal at the ceremony in June. There is still plenty of time, so keep on reading. Students in grades 2-4 are receiving and “spending” their reading tickets at the school store, so remember for each sheet passed in, they receive one ticket to spend. Grades K-1 are able to choose from the prize buckets in their classrooms each time they pass in their sheets. Click “Resources” at the top of the page and scroll to the bottom for a link to print a new form.

Congratulations to our March Reading Incentive winner – Ana, a second grader in Miss Cloyes’ class. She received a $5 gift card to Barnes & Noble and a cute 3-D picture card. Keep on reading Ana!

Remember to check out our Solar System display in the cabinet in the front lobby. There you will find some really interesting items and maybe see something you’ve never seen before. A fun fact is about the sun. Did you know that the star in the center of the solar system is the sun? The surface of the sun is about 10,000 degrees F. In the center, it may be 27,000,000 degrees F. The sun is so big, it can fit one million earths inside of it. The sun has burned for 4.5 billion years. In its current state, it will probably burn for 5 billion years more. Keep on reading – you never know what you will learn!

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