Calvin Coolidge School PTO

Respect for Learning, Respect for All

Important School Info

Our Principal is Mrs. Amy Clouter, our school nurse is Mrs. Katie Zimmermann, our school secretary is Mrs. Cathy Cairns and our school custodian is Mr. Bruce Anderson.

The First Day of School is Tuesday, August 30, 2016. Kindergartners visit on Tuesday from 9:30-10:15. They start full day on Wednesday. On the first day of school, students will report to the playground to meet their teachers. Colored balloons are used to gather the children according to grade.
1st grade is red
2nd grade is green

3rd grade is yellow

4th grade is blue

The Coolidge website is:
Check out our Facebook page for interesting events and projects our Coolidge kids are involved in

Student Drop-Off (8:30–9:00AM) Use the turn around driveway adjacent to the playground on Florence St. Please pull up to the front door of the school to the staff members and drop off students. Students will walk into school. NO students should arrive before 8:30AM unless they are attending the Before School Program.

Student Pick-Up (3:15–3:30PM) Parents will loop around the playground and drive to the far left of the building to the outdoor classroom with their family sign displayed in their windshield (family signs will be given to students on the first day of school.) Parents will remain in their cars. Staff will meet the cars, communicate by walkie-talkie to staff indoors, and escort each child to their assigned cars. No student will be dismissed to any adult not listed on their Parent Pickup form. Special or unexpected pick-ups will be form the main office. We ask that early pickups occur NO LATER than 2:50 PM unless in emergency situation, due to the preparation of bus dismissal.

Every Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) your child will bring home their Blue Folder that will contain important notices for that week. Please make sure to look for it and make sure the Blue Folder goes back to school the next day.

Tardy/Absences If your child will be absent or late, please call our child-safe number 508.841.8886 and leave your child’s full name, grade, teacher, and reason for absence or tardiness.

School Lunch
Students may bring their own lunch. If your child wants to purchase lunch, the cost is $3.25. Coolidge School uses the Meal Magic program. You can find information o this program here:

Lunch menus can be found here
Parents are welcome to come and eat lunch with their child. We ask that you do not bring in outside fast food. You may bring your own bag lunch or buy the school lunch. All classes allow for a snack time. Please provide your child with a snack. It will not be provided by the cafeteria, as it was in Kindergarten.

Lunches for each grade are as follows
11:00–11:30 Kindergarten
11:00–11:30 Grade 2
11:40–12:10 Grade 3
12:25–12 :55 Grade 1
1:05–1:35 Grade 4

Before and After School Extended Programs are available at Coolidge School, although there may be a waiting list. For further information, visit


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