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Reading + Math Incentive Programs

We have launched a partner to our Reading Incentive Program called our Math Incentive Program. Students will be invited to track their home fact practice on a special recording sheet that will need to be signed and returned to their teacher. Classroom teachers will count and track the sheets as they are passed in. If you need additional sheets,  download and print the math record sheet. If you are looking for resources to support math fact practice at home, please visit Coolidge Math Fact Practice Resources.

The end-of-year ceremony itself won’t change, but the medals will. From now on they’ll come in two colors, gold and silver.
*To earn a gold medal students must show effort in both Reading and Math. The key is 15: ten complete Reading sheets and five complete Math sheets.
*Students that practice in one area—in either Reading or Math—will earn a silver medal. To medal in Math, students must hand in five Math sheets. To medal in Reading, students must complete ten sheets.

From now until June, we’ll continue to focus on articulating the importance of effort to success at every grade.

20 minute reading record sheet (K-1)
30 minute reading record sheet (2-4)


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