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Time For Kids fundraiser soon

For those not familiar with this fundraiser, students will go home with a booklet during the first week of April. No one needs to purchase anything. Students just need to have their adults fill in the names and addresses of a few family and friends in their booklet and return them to school. (They will receive an offer of magazines, but do not need to purchase.)

If everyone fills out their booklet, we will continue to get the Time for Kids magazines free for every student. These magazines are valuable tools for our teachers.

Here are comments from some of our teachers:

Mrs. Jen Flemming (Grade 2):  The kids use our Time For Kids to learn about the parts of nonfiction.  They have great current news articles that help teach about the world outside or our community.  Many TFK’s lend themselves to opinion thinking and writing such as a recent one that talked about states where e-learning is replacing snow days.  This leads to great discussion.

Ms. Annemarie Hurley (Grade 2): Students love to read Time magazine just like their parents. Fun and engaging current events support all curriculum area – Science, Social Studies, Reading, Math, and Writing.

Mrs. Rita Innamorato (Grade 3): My students truly enjoy the Time for Kids magazines.  They are very excited whenever they see that I have put a new magazine.  We use these regularly in our Literacy Workshops, and my students are often eager to respond to an article that they’ve read!


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