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Reading + Math Incentive Programs

This is the final week for this years’ Reading + Math Incentive Programs. The students have been steadily passing in their sheets, working towards the goal of 10 reading sheets and five math sheets for their gold medal. The final collection of reading and math sheets will be this Friday, May 5th, so if your student is almost there, lets give them the extra push to try for a medal. The dates have been assigned for our medal ceremonies and the students have been given a sheet to take home with the dates for their grade level ceremony. I have had my classroom recorders in to record the sheets brought in every week and they have left encouraging messages on the sheets for the students. Good luck to them all!

*To earn a gold medal students must show effort in both Reading and Math. The key is 15: ten complete Reading sheets and five complete Math sheets.
*Students that practice in one area—in either Reading or Math—will earn a silver medal. To medal in Math, students must hand in five Math sheets. To medal in Reading, students must complete ten sheets.

If you need additional sheets,  download and print the record sheets below. If you are looking for resources to support math fact practice at home, please visit Coolidge Math Fact Practice Resources.

math record sheet
20 minute reading record sheet (K-1)

30 minute reading record sheet (2-4)


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