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Final PTO minutes

Our thanks to everyone who volunteered at Coolidge this year! If you would like to know what we discussed at our final meeting of the year, here are the minutes from May 25th (approved by PTO board via email).

Mrs. Clouter’s PTO Meeting Updates as presented in her May 30th email:

* Tiffany Ostrander (currently the Assistant Principal at Floral Street School) will be the Interim Principal next year. What does that mean? Briefly, in Shrewsbury the hiring process is important. It’s typical that a search process lasts several weeks and involves all key stakeholders. In a principal search, parent representatives, teachers, school staff and other leaders in the district typically play a part in screening, interviewing and vetting candidates. Because a process like this involves extended time and lots of people, most administrative searches start in January. The unexpected Assistant Superintendent search and my subsequent appointment in May meant that there was not enough time for a typical process. At the same time, Dr. Sawyer recognizes that Mrs. Ostrander is a talented, experienced candidate with a keen interest in the position- all strengths that make a transition to a new principal easier. Finally, appointing an internal interim meant that we could immediately begin orienting Mrs. Ostrander to our school community. Please know that Dr. Sawyer does plan on checking in with stakeholders next year, just as he would have had the position been posted sooner. Stay tuned!

* We are reducing one section of Kindergarten and adding a section of Grade 1 due to a population surge. Further, two current members of the second grade team are moving: Mrs. DiPinto is moving out of town and Ms. Cotter is returning to Special Education. Mrs. Rubin will be moving from Kindergarten to Grade 2. This means we are seeking two teacher positions- one in Grade 2 and one in Grade 1.

Have a great summer!


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